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Issue 27 - Michelle Grabner

Issue 27 is a fully functional gingham soccer ball designed by Michelle Grabner.

It is important to note that the issue also functions as a physical rebuttal to Ken Johnson's 2014 New York Times review of Michelle's exhibition at James Cohan Gallery, in which he referred to Michelle's work as that of a boring soccer mom. The comment ignited a firestorm of counter-reviews and letters to the editor. It also inspired this issue, which might be the first rebuttal in the form of a soccer ball...ever.

The issue includes a pamphlet containing a brief introduction, an interview with Michelle Grabner by editor Jonn Herschend, and a reproduction of Joe Fyfe's review of the review in HyperAllergic.  

Issue 28 - Tamara Shopsin and Jason Fulford

Jason Fulford is a photographer and co-founder of J&L Books. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and a contribution editor at Blind Spot. His pictures have been described as open metaphors, and featured in Harper’s, the New York Time Magazine, and on book jackets for Don Delillo, Bertrand Russell, Jorge Luis Borges, Terry Eagleton, Ernest Hemingway and Richard Ford. He is a frequent lecturer at universities.

Tamara Shopsin is a graphic designer and illustrator whose work has been featured in The New York Times, Good, Time, Wired, and Newsweek. She is the author of the memoir Mumbai, New York, Scranton, designer of the 5 Year Diary, and co-author with Jason Fulford of the children’s book This Equals That (2014). She is also a cook at her family’s restaurant in New York.

More info on Jason Fulford can be found here.

More info on Tamara Shopsin can be found here.

Issue 29 - Ricky Swallow

Ricky Swallow (b. 1974) has been the subject of solo exhibitions at MoMA PS1, New York; University of California Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive; The Suburban, Oak Park, IL; Kunsthalle Vienna; Ian Potter Centre, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; and the Australian Pavilion of the 2005 Venice Biennale. Two person exhibitions include Lesley Vance & Ricky Swallow, The Huntington Art Gallery, San Marino, CA; and Swallow Swenson, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. In 2014, his work was included in the 2014 Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; and Made in L.A. 2014, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles. Other group exhibitions include Labour and Wait, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA; Coconut Water, White Flag Projects, Saint Louis, MO; Against the Grain, Wood in Contemporary Craft and Design, Museum of Arts and Design, New York; Aquatopia, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, and Tate St Ives, Cornwall; and Out Of Australia, The British Museum, London. In 2015 Swallow will be in residency at The Chinati Foundation, Marfa, TX and present a solo exhibition at David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Swallow lives and works in Los Angeles.

More info on Ricky Swallow can be found here.

Issue 30 - Raimundas Malašauskas

Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, curator Raimundas Malašauskas works internationally and writes on a wide range of topics. His practice consciously expands what it means to curate, and interrogates how we all consume and participate in the production of culture. Malašauskas's notable projects include co-writing the libretto of Cellar Door (2007), an opera in Paris; producing a weekly television show; curating the Lithuanian and Cyprus Pavilions at the 55th Venice Biennale, Italy; and working as one of the agents for dOCUMENTA (13).

From 1995 to 2006, he worked at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius, and curated Black Market Worlds, the IX Baltic Triennial, at CAC Vilnius in 2005. From 2007 to 2008, he was a visiting curator at California College of the Arts, San Francisco, and a curator from 2007 to 2009 at Artists Space, New York. Malašauskas's exhibitions include Sculpture of the Space Age, David Roberts Art Foundation, London (2009); Into the Belly of a Dove, Museo Rufino Tamayo, Mexico City (2010), and Repetition Island, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (2010).

His most recent projects include Fusiform Gyrus at Lisson Gallery, London, UK; Se o clima for favorável, Si el tiempo lo permite, 9th Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Alegre, Brazil; and two in-progress exhibitions titled Hypnotic and Clifford Irving. "If there’s one curator who knows how to give new meaning to the concept of the ‘exhibition,' it’s Raimundas Malašauskas," Jennifer Teets has written in Metropolis M.

2012, the book Paper Exhibition: Selected Writings by Raimundas Malašauskas was published, a "book that belongs to no one and is not needed by anyone," as Malašauskas put it, as "16 readers had been invited to add, comment on, correct and leave their mark boldly in the margins, or way at the back, as another means of carefully replaying these words written by someone else."