If you find that something is not working or you have any questions about your subscription, please contact Will, Jonn or Virginia at and we will get right back to you.

Questions & Answers

  1. I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

    You only need your e-mail address. Go to Log In and click the button that states, “Forgot Your Password?” Follow the instructions.

  2. How do I update my shipping address?

    Go to My Account and click "Edit Address" under "Primary Shipping Address".

  3. How do I cancel my subscription?

    Canceling is as easy as sending an email to saying you wish to cancel with your name and account number. Please remember that THE THING is non-refundable and that you will not be reimbursed for pending subscriptions.

  4. What do I do if I think I am missing an issue of THE THING?

    Contact us at and let us know. Sometimes the post office doesn’t always make it, and we will send you another. We try to send out updates to announce status of upcoming issues. It’s important to remember that THE THING comes out at some point within a three month window.

  5. Can I get back issues of THE THING ?

    Back issues of THE THING are available only as long as inventory lasts. We do not make new issues once the cycle is closed. They are 20% off for subscribers.

  6. How do I speak to someone at THE THING ?

    The best way to speak to someone at THE THING is to send an e-mail to, with your phone number and the reason that you’d like to speak with us. You can also leave a voice mail message with our answering service (415) 218-0821 and will respond once we have received the message.

  7. Will I have to pay an import tax if I am ordering THE THING from an international location?

    This is one of those unknowns because THE THING will change from issue to issue and countries will regard different issues differently. So, it is best to assume that you will need to pay an import tax on the item. However, due to the low cost of the THE THING, each item will be valued at a quarter of the price for the year: $30. This should make for a relatively low import tax (if the item is taxed at all).

  8. Can I receive a refund if I do not like an issue?

    Our policy is that we do not issue refunds. Once you sign on, you sign on for the full year.

  9. My THING is damaged, can I get a new one?

    Yes, we will exchange your damaged THING for an undamaged THING. But make sure you contact us ASAP, if you find your THING to be damaged.

  10. My THING was sent back to THING headquarters because my address was incorrect. Do I have to pay to have it shipped to me again?

    If you did not enter your address correctly, and your THING is returned to us, we will need to charge you again for shipping. This is not because we want to be mean, but because we will lose money if we have to ship to you twice. However, if it is the fault of the post office or even our own bungle, you will not be charged.

  11. Will each THING be signed by the artist?

    No. THE THING is a periodical in the form of an object. Think of it as a magazine. The artists do not sign the object just as writers do not sign each issue of the periodical with which they are involved.

  12. Is each THING hand made?

    No. While there are many hands involved in the making of each THING, they are not each inpidually created by the artist. We work very closely with the artists to create the object and text that they are envisioning, and from that we find a way to create multiples. Think of it as a periodical (which is what it is). There are many hands and minds involved in creating a periodical. THE THING is no different in this regard.

  13. Is THE THING a limited edition?

    No. THE THING is a subscription based periodical, just like a magazine. THE THING is open to all. However, just like a magazine, the subscription cycles will change. For instance those who sign up for THE THING once issue 2 has been released will begin with issue 2 and end with issue 5. This means that Issue 1 is closed and new subscribers cannot get issue 1.